Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CEMR, VIA, BNSF, oh my!

I went to the St. James Junction area today at noon to see the Hudson Bay. I heard that BNSF 2001 was at Fort Rouge last night, so I was hoping to see that too. I got more than I bargained for! I set up at the Waverley Street crossing.

At 12:17 I saw a westbound freight round the corner at Portage Junction. It turned out to be CEMR 4001, ANY 5232, and CEMR 4002 leading the westbound freight to the CEMR Carman Subdivision.
CEMR 4001 in Winnipeg
I had a look at the photos afterward, and I see the engine crew were gesturing as they went by.

I'm glad they had TWO fingers up!

Right after that, a CN local went down the Letellier sub to switch the industrial area around Chevrier. They had one engine (likely a 7200 series GP9), one slug, and about a dozen cars.

At 12:25 the Hudson Bay (VIA 693) made its appearance.
VIA Hudson Bay in Winnipeg
The consist was 6456, 6445, 8600, 8110, 8100, York, Chateau Radisson.

Finally, at 12:40 the BNSF transfer went east to Fort Rouge with BNSF 12580 leading and BNSF 2886 pushing. By then I was out of time so I couldn't wait to see 2001 return. Here they are, with a fairly long train.

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Eric said...

Another shout-out for Steve from Kingston...great video for us BNSF-hopper-car-fan-types. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing,