Thursday, October 01, 2009

CP Units at the Scrappers Update

The scrappers have been very busy since my last update on September 17.

I looked on September 23 and SOO 4201, CP 1551 and CP 1504 were down to the frames.

I looked again Tuesday morning (September 29) and there were only five units left. CP 1558, SOO 4202, SOO 4204 and CP 1556 were down to the frames and cabs, and SOO 420x was still intact. It might be SOO 4203.

On Thursday morning (October 1) I had a quick glance as I drove by. SOO 4204 and CP 1556 are down to their frames, and the mysterious SOO unit is still intact. The SOO on the nose is painted over, and the numbers on the side of the cab appear to be missing. It was clearly a SOO unit, though. There was a crane parked next to the unit so I couldn't see any more details.

EDIT: I had a quick look at the mystery unit this morning (October 2) and it was definitely 4203. The numbers on the engineer side were painted over but are still somewhat visible.

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