Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday's Trains

I never got around to posting the trains I saw Monday noon. I arrived near St. James Junction and I immediately saw CN 2553 and CN 5732 hauling a westbound container train past. Definitely no time for a tripod!

Sometimes you get lucky and the train is right there; sometimes you miss it by 10 seconds. :)

The Canadian could be seen right afterward. It came up to St. James Junction and stopped, presumably waiting for the freight to clear the block so it could proceed. After about 10 minutes, the Canadian started up again. From my vantage point near Kenaston I could see the lead engine was green, meaning it was the Telus engine VIA 6429.
Telus engine VIA 6429 on the Canadian in Winnipeg
It had a diner "Empress" deadheading behind the engines. On occasion you can see a car deadheading (traveling unoccupied) as VIA moves equipment around.

Full consist here in my railway sighting database.

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