Thursday, October 13, 2011

A CN 101 Quickie

I tried to shoot the Canadian at lunch today, but again she did not show up. I wonder what is going on with VIA?

In its place, CN 101 rolled through at a decent clip. It was all Dash-9 engines this time around, with CN 2675 on the head end, CN 2676 mid train and CN 2662 on the tail end.

CN 2675 on train 101 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The female conductor in 2675 gave me a nice wave as they passed.

CN 2676 on train 101 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Note the red lights on CN 2662. The red light above the right ditch light was added after 2008, presumably after the unit was equipped to serve as a distributed power unit (DPU). I'm guessing the other red light in the body was added at the same time.

CN 2662 on train 101 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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