Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fredericton Train Station Update

Fredericton Train station
I was in New Brunswick last week and I took the opportunity to photograph the progress on the Fredericton train station.

Doesn't it look better than it used to?

Since I was there in June, things have moved right along! The scaffolding is gone and the landscaping looks done to me. You can see the new trail in the photo below.

I remember there was quite a discussion about the trail prior to the station restoration. The owners, J.D. Irving, weren't too keen on having the extensive Fredericton trail network go on their property. I'm glad they have changed their minds.

One should keep in mind that the vast majority of Fredericton's great trail network is built on former railway roadbed.
Fredericton Train station

I am very impressed by the work that has been done. The station looks great.
Fredericton Train station

PS - sorry for not posting very often these days. I picked up some kind of flu bug on the way home from New Brunswick and I've been fighting it all week.

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