Sunday, October 30, 2011

CP Winnipeg Yard

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) shops in Winnipeg
On Saturday I spent an hour or so prowling around the Canadian Pacific Railway yard in downtown Winnipeg. Regular readers know I railfan CN much more than CP so I try to visit CP when I have spare time.

I started off at the east end of the yard, where I found CP 5863 and CP 1550 shunting. I mentioned CP 5863 before as one of the two SD40-2 engines that still has a multimark.

The real prize, though was CP 8904, one of the shiny new ES44ACs delivered to Canadian Pacific this year. This is the first time I've seen one of the 8900 series.
CP 8904 in Winnipeg

CP 8904 and CP 9682 pulled away almost as soon as I arrived, pulling a grain train out of the yard.

Right after that, CP 8798 and CP 8548 pulled up. I took a few shots and then I went to the Salter Street bridge. It has been years since I've taken any photos from that bridge. Normally I like the Arlington Street bridge more, but I thought I'd go back to Salter Street.

There were a few switchers parked between the two bridges at the fuel stand. CP 1530, 1532 and 1597 are all visible in this photo.
CP 1530, 1532 and 1597 in Winnipeg

On my right, I saw CP 1540 pulling a cut of cars through the yard, so I jogged over to get this overhead shot of 1540 and 1585.
CP 1540 in Winnipeg

After they passed, I returned to my car and drove over to shoot the engines at the shop. There were quite a few engines there... SD40-2s, including three "red barn" SD40-2F units; SD90s, ES44ACs (including shiny new CP 8903), and a few GP9s.

Here's "red barn" CP 9010. I've heard from people that work at the shops that these SD40-2Fs are a real pain in the neck. I just like the look of them.
CP 9010 in Winnipeg

Dual-flag SD40-2 CP 5936 was also there. The paint is looking a bit shabby now.
CP 5936 in Winnipeg

After I did my photo inventory, I heard horns from a train approaching from the south. I figured it was a train on the La Riviere subdivision, so I drove over to take a quick video. It turned out to be CP 8251 and CP 1587 running light.

I was just about out of time, so I returned to the east end of the yard to see CP 8798 now coupled up to a train. They started rolling and scared off a few Canada geese.
CP 8798 and goose in Winnipeg

The complete list of engines I saw is in my sighting database.


Eric said...

Nice shots, Steve. I liked the slight rocking motion that 8251-1587 had as they passed by you after blowing for the crossing.

I don't know about you, but when I read CP 8904, I still think of a Train-Master.


Canadian Train Geek said...

I agree, I think Train-Master when I hear the CP 8900s... even though I've never seen one working.