Thursday, October 27, 2011

Extra Sleepers

After my visit to the Winnipeg Maintenance Centre, I realized I hadn't been shooting the Winnipeg-Churchill train (VIA 693) much lately. I resolved to remedy that, and I started on Tuesday. I went to Carman Junction to wait. The Hudson Bay was more or less on time and I grabbed a few shots.
VIA 6452 in Winnipeg

VIA 6452 in Winnipeg

As they passed I sprinted to my car, hoping that they might slow down before Diamond. Being a good railfan, I had parked it facing the right way.

I caught up with them just past the detector at mile 10. As I approached Diamond I saw they were slowing, so I hopped out of the car just short of the stop sign. They paused very briefly and then headed out.

The trailing unit was VIA 6449, which I saw in the WMC. They had three Chateau sleepers, two more than the usual consist.

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