Monday, October 17, 2011

Remembrance Day Train Book

Ron Jackson, formerly of VIA Rail, has written a digital book about the 2005 VIA Rail Remembrance Day train (also known as the Veteran's Train) entitled "Everybody Loves a Veteran". Here are Ron's words:

I have written a book about the story behind the VIA Rail Remembrance Day Train called "Everyone Loves a Veteran". It is a 126 page digitally produced book and it's full of colour pictures of the Veterans. This was an unique train designed for a very special group of people. The Veterans brought the Remembrance Day Train alive with their never-ending spirit and the hijinks on the train.

You can order the book from Ron via this order form.

The train brought veterans from eastern Canada to Ottawa for the Remembrance Day ceremonies. It was well-covered in the media and by railfans alike. Most people believe it was the longest passenger train ever in the Maritimes, 3 engines and 30 cars.

I believe Ron was station manager of the Halifax station at the time, and he and a number of other VIA Rail employees were instrumental in making this train happen.

I chased that train from Brookfield, NS to Moncton, NB in November 2005. You can read my story (and see where I shot it) and view the two videos I have online below. I did a DVD with several more clips, but it is not currently for sale.

Please consider ordering the book. I know I'm ordering it.


Julie said...

Hello! I was wondering if you still have your book for sale by any chance?

I had the honor and privilege to be on that train from Moncton all the way to Ottawa as an air cadet from Grand Falls. A few members of my squadron got a chance to live the experience with the veterans and I would love to see your book and pictures!

Steve Boyko said...

Hi Julie, I will ask the author, Ron Jackson. Please send your email address to so I can pass it along to Ron.

That must have been quite an experience to ride the train!