Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Cook on the Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay (VIA 693) Leaving Winnipeg

VIA Rail is axing the chef position on the Winnipeg-Churchill train, formerly known as the Hudson Bay. The five chefs currently providing that service have been told that they will no longer be required after November 15. They said that very few people were using the service.

VIA will provide microwaved meals instead, as they now do on the Chaleur train between Montreal and Gaspe. VIA says they plan to save $500,000 per year on chef salaries and food costs.

Railfan discussion agrees that the diner car itself will likely be retained for snack service, as well as a place to prepare and serve the microwaved meals.

Coverage: Winnipeg Free Press (long) and Winnipeg Free Press (short). Nothing from the CBC yet.

PS - the latter WFP article has a photo of meal service on the same diner I was in at the Winnipeg Maintenance Centre, the Annapolis.

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