Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winnipeg CP Shops

Winnipeg Diesel Shops
I had a quick glance at the CP shops in Winnipeg on September 24, and here are a few choice photos from the visit.

CP 6000 was working the yard throat, with the Arlington Street bridge in the background.
CP 6000 in Winnipeg

Later she rolled up to pose very nicely. This SD40-2 looked nice in shiny red paint, unlike the shabby unit coupled to her.

CP 6000 in Winnipeg

A pair of SOO SD40-2 engines were also present, SOO 6026 and SOO 6032. I love the white SOO engines, a vanishing breed. I shot them first when they were parked...

SOO 6032 and 6026 in Winnipeg

They then rolled forward obligingly, enabling me to get a better shot of SOO 6032.

SOO 6026 in Winnipeg

Believe it or not, there were more than just SD40-2 engines present. These four SD90MACs were all lined up. There were some GP38s, ES44ACs, and so forth around.

CP 9124 in Winnipeg

Of course, Rugby Tower was still standing guard. It is still actively used and controls the yard complex.

Rugby Tower in Winnipeg

As always, the complete list of units sighted is available in my railway database.

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