Monday, October 31, 2011

Kansas Grain Elevator Explosion

A massive explosion at a grain elevator in Atchison, Kansas has killed at least three people. The explosion at the modern grain elevator, owned by Bartlett and Company, occurred Saturday night while workers were loading corn into train cars. It is not clear what caused the explosion, but it is well known that airborne grain dust can easily explode when a spark or fire is present. Three people were confirmed killed, three people are still missing, and three were injured.

The search for survivors was suspended while an expert was brought in to coordinate rescue / recovery efforts. The structure is still considered unsafe. Aerial photographs from the Kansas City Star show that the roof equipment was blown off.

The facility is served by BNSF and has three tracks with a capacity of 85 cars. Don's Rail Photos has a few photos of Bartlett's switchers as does RR Picture Archives.

Let's hope the missing people are OK. My condolences to the families of those who were killed.

News: CNNKansas City StarYahooCNN Again

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