Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Big Ol' Grain Train

Back on August 23 I saw a couple of trains in the late afternoon. First I saw CN 199 heading out of town, with CN 8874 and BCOL 4601. I saw it just short of mile 10 at first...
CN 8874 in Winnipeg

I headed west on Wilkes and got ahead of it before it reached Diamond. I set up the video camera and then took this pan shot as they came by. Note the weird clean panel on the ex BC Rail unit.
CN 8874 near Winnipeg

After that I headed out on the Perimeter. As I approached the crossing where the CP La Riviere subdivision cuts across the highway, I saw a long grain train heading south. I crossed and then headed down highway 330 a bit. I pulled across the track and waited for the train to roll along. It was doing a fair speed, with big engines CP 9662 and CP 8777 doing the work.
CP 9662 in Winnipeg

Here's the train heading south down toward La Salle and beyond.
A grain train out of Winnipeg

It's nice to see big power on the La Riviere subdivision. Usually all I see are the GP38 / slug pairs of CP 3028/1128 or 3027/1127.

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Jackofallhobbies said...

I really like the shot of the grain train as it curves its way. I definitely like to see working trains.
Keep up the good work.