Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Try This At Home

Deer under train in Winnipeg

I was out with my son and we spotted a CN crew working the Fort Garry industrial area. This is by the former Manitoba Sugar plant. GP9 CN 7044 and GMD1 CN 1405 were shuttling some cars around on and off the main line, under the tender care of the CN crew with their remote control devices. While we were waiting and I was photographing, a deer came running into the field by the tracks, intent on crossing over. Unfortunately, the train was in the way. After a minute or so, the deer ran under the train car. Fortunately the train had stopped for a minute and the deer made it safely.

Don't ever do this. Trains can move at any time in any direction.
CN 7044 and CN 1405 in Winnipeg

Here's one of my favourite engine types, a GMD1.
CN 1405 in Winnipeg

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Robert Nicks said...

On that subject... this video has got to be just about the dumbest thing that I have ever seen someone do. Warning: plenty of foul language.