Monday, March 22, 2010

NB Southern in Saint John, March 19

I was heading down to the airport in Saint John this past Friday to head home. I had a few minutes extra, so I took the long way across Reversing Falls rather than use the toll bridge.

Just after I crossed the Reversing Falls I saw an NB Southern Railway engine running light toward Island Yard. I was able to get ahead of NBSR 2610 and shoot it at Fort Latour.

After that, I proceeded up to Somerset Street and waited to turn left onto the Highway 1 onramp. To the left I saw another train! What luck. When I made my left turn, I pulled onto the side of the ramp and jumped out to take this video of NBSR 3703 and 9803 pulling a short transfer freight.

NBSR 3703 and 9803 in Saint John, NB
The video:

NBSR 3703 looks nice in her fresh green paint. I had never considered this angle before, mostly because you have to drive west on highway 1 after the shot, but I like it!

Right after that, I saw CN 406 arriving in Island Yard with CN 8864 and CN 5770, but by then I was doing 100 km/hr and stopping was not an option!

I hit the road for the airport, and after enjoying their free wireless access, I was on my way to Montreal... for more railfanning.

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