Friday, April 01, 2011

Winnipeg Slide Night

Don't forget - the next Winnipeg slide night is coming up fast - April 6 at 7 PM.

The four presenters are:

  • John Morris – CPR in the Rockies [35mm slides]
  • Fred Headon – CNR [35mm slides]
  • Warren Froese – Motor Cars [Digital]
  • Jeff Keddy - CEMR [Digital]

Next Wednesday's show is in room B126 in the north campus of the Canadian Mennonite University at the corner of Grant Avenue and Shaftesbury Boulevard - here. The H-shaped building housing the day-care is the building that B126 is in.

After that, the next slide nights are May 4 in room B132, and June 1 in room B126.

EDIT: Mark Perry is unable to attend so Jeff Keddy will be showing his CEMR photos instead.

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