Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More For The Scrapper

Cabs of CP 5701 and 5496
The scrapper here in Winnipeg is still busy with ex-Canadian Pacific units. I mentioned back in June that Rail & Motor International was scrapping a series of CP SD40, GP7s and GP9s off Chevrier Boulevard in Winnipeg.

I looked there today and there are "new" units being scrapped. From left to right, I saw 5679, 5688, 1593, 5716, 5829, 5753, 1506, 1613, 5398. The cabs of 5701 and 5496 are stacked to the left, still with number boards. 1506 and 1613 are still there from June.

The July-August 2009 Branchline reports that 22 units stored in Winnipeg and Calgary were sold to Rail & Motor International: CP GP7u 1504, 1506; CP GP9u 1524, 1537, 1551, 1556, 1558, 1584, 1586, 1613 and 1693; SOO GP9u 4201-4204; CP SD40-2 5392, 5419, 5640, 5666, 5707 and 5712; CP SW1200RS 8131. I have struck out the ones already scrapped and bolded the ones I have seen so far.

It is hard to get close to those units, given their location. These are the best shots I have across the field from the car dealers off Waverley.

CP 5688 and 1593 await scrapping

CP 1506 and 1613 await scrapping


Unknown said...

i hope these dont get scrapped.

Anonymous said...

I think over my 25 years running trains I worked on all those locos in Calgary at one time or another :)