Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Canadian

Like clockwork, I shot today's westbound Canadian at noon. I'm really liking the convenience of this! I can leave work at noon, shoot the train, and be back by 12:30. Awesome.
VIA 6401 and 6431 lead the Canadian through Winnipeg
The consist was Spiderman 6401, 6431, baggage 8613, coaches 8122, 8129, 8119, Skyline 8515, diner Kent, Skyline 8502, Jarvis Manor, Hunter Manor, Cameron Manor, Craig Manor, Chateau Roberval, Chateau Dollard, Skyline 8504, diner Alexandra, Dunsmuir Manor, Allan Manor, Brant Manor, Kokanee Park (21 cars).
VIA's Kokanee Park car
The lettering on Chateau Roberval is very strange... I wonder what was going on there. I also noticed the word "Skyline" was in mixed case on one car and all capitals on another.

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