Friday, July 23, 2010

Are You Lost?

One of these things is not like the others
I was in Phoenix, Arizona this week, and took some time on the evening of July 20 to visit BNSF's Mobest Yard and see what was there. There was a big surprise.
CP 9508 in Phoenix, Arizona
CP 9508 was sure far from home!

There was plenty of more usual power in the yard.
BNSF 2945 in Phoenix, Arizona
BNSF sure has a lot of these GP39-2 engines around in Phoenix.

It's hard to take decent photos of units in the yard, given the clutter in the foreground. I suppose if you trespassed you could get better shots, but of course I was not doing that - nor do I recommend it. A private security truck showed up as I finished my shots, and the driver gave me a hard look as he entered the yard property. I was not concerned, as I was on public property at the edge of the road, outside the fence. But it's obvious that BNSF is (rightly) concerned about trespassers.

As I was driving a little north of the yard, I noticed a southbound freight coming to the yard. I found a spot to film them and took this little video with my Canon T1i.


Unknown said...

Nice pics Steve. Just checked out your site and saw you already had up your phoenix pics. Hope you enjoyed your stay this week and we'll see ya back soon. :)

BTW, what is a 'CP' engine? Chesapeake?

Jason Kelley

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hey Jason.. sorry, CP is Canadian Pacific. I see them often in Canada but not in Arizona. :)