Thursday, July 08, 2010

Finally, the Canadian

I went up to Wilkes Avenue today at noon to shoot the Canadian, for the first time in over a month (since May 27!). I saw a friend of mine waiting for the same train, so I parked by him at mile 10 and we chatted while waiting for VIA.

First up was CN 801, however, with CN 8011 as the sole engine. 8011 on 801... quite a coincidence.
CN 8011 in Winnipeg
After that went by, we waited... and waited... and waited for the Canadian. Finally we heard that it had a mechanical problem and was stopped. In the meantime, we saw the CEMR train in the distance starting down the Carman subdivision.

The Canadian did show up, quite late.
VIA 6412 and the Canadian
VIA 6412 and 6427 were pulling 19 cars under the lovely sky.

Immediately afterward, CN 108 came the other way with CN 2673 and 8825 and a mile or two of containers. The problem with the mile 10 location is that you are too close to the tracks for eastbounds to shoot the whole train... too much stuff in the way. So, a closeup of the engine was in order.
CN 2673 in Winnipeg

We went our separate ways after that. I went south, just in time to catch CEMR crossing the Perimeter Highway at Oak Bluff. CEMR 4000 and CCGX 4010 were bringing a portion of their train to switch Oak Bluff.
CEMR 4000 in Winnipeg
Nice sun, eh?
CCGX 4010 in Winnipeg
It was nice to get out and take some shots on this beautiful day. Today's sightings

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