Saturday, June 20, 2009

CP Units Being Scrapped

En route to looking at houses on Wednesday, I noticed a line of CP engines near Waverley in Winnipeg. It seemed strange to me to see them there, and when I looked closer I could see that one was in the process of being scrapped. I went back later that day and took a few photos to try to identify the units.

CP 5666 had its hood off, obviously in the process of being scrapped. The other units were: 5707, 5392, 5712, ????, 1584, 1537, 1613, 1506, 1593?, 1524.

On Friday 5666 and 5707 both had their engines removed. Basically all that was left was the cab, a center pillar, and the back end.

EDIT: "13 units sold by CP to Rail & Motor International and moved to an industrial spur at Universal Reload for parts salvage and scrapping. Units as follows: CP 1506, 1524, 1537, 1584, 1586, 1613, 1693, 5392, 5419, 5640, 5666, 5707 and 5712. CP 5419 and 5640 have already been scrapped; stripped to cab and frame are 5666 and 5707."

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