Monday, June 08, 2009

VIA in Campbellton

On Saturday May 30, after the abbreviated Chaleur chase (part 1, part 2, part 3) we returned to Campbellton. In the evening, a fierce rainstorm swept through just before VIA 15 arrived. We headed out to see the Ocean at the station, with lightning flashing in the distant east sky. I put my Canon on the tripod and tried some night shots in the rain just after 9 PM. It was hard to get a shot without a raindrop on the lens!
VIA 15 "Ocean" in Campbellton, NB
They were being refuelled by an Irving tank truck. The Irving guy was kind enough to kill the headlights on his truck while we were taking the shots.

The consist was VIA 6412, 6421, 7011, 7228, 7230, 7227, 7309, 7400, 7313, 7508, 7522, 7521, 7525, 7503.

Our plan for Sunday (May 31) was to shoot VIA 14, then head down to Edmundston and shoot a couple of CN freights before heading home on the Trans-Canada Highway. We were by the pulp mill in Atholville bright and early at 06:38... 25 minutes before the train was due to arrive. We waited around, watching the sun duck behind clouds now and then, and hoping it would be out when the Ocean finally arrived.

At 07:10 we heard it blowing for a nearby crossing and got ready for the shot. It rolled by in brilliant sunlight a few minutes later.

The consist was the same as Friday night's VIA 15: VIA 6415, 6414, 7003, 7223, 7217, 7315, 7401, 7314, 7500, 7520, 7507, 7502, 7513, 7524.

Once it passed, we hit the road for Edmundston to see our CN freights... and for me, some more new territory.


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