Sunday, July 03, 2011

June 11

My son and I were out railfanning on the morning of June 11. I decided that I wanted to go shoot some CP trains for a change. We headed up to Rosser and then headed west. I thought I might want to head to Marquette, as I have never been there, but as I approached the elevator at Meadows I saw a headlight in the distance. I pulled over and waited on the elevator track for the train to come.
CP 9674 at Meadows, MB

I hopped back in the car and we headed east to give chase. The train was making good time and it took a while to get ahead of it. As the train approached Rosser it slowed, so I was able to get ahead to grab a few shots just west of the elevator.
CP 9674 near Rosser

As you can see, the second unit was a SOO unit, CP/SOO 6021. 6021 is an SD60.
CP/SOO 6021

I leap-frogged them one more time and shot video as they passed the giant elevator at "CP Makwa"... or as one engineer called it, "Mak wa wa wa wa wa".

Right after they passed, CP 8752 West was ready to go.
CP 8752 near Rosser

They headed out with a solid container train. CP 8652 was mid-way through the train.

My son and I headed to the model train store after that, but I made sure to be at mile 10 of the CN Rivers subdivision to catch the outgoing Canadian. VIA 6453 led, with refurbished unit VIA 6411 trailing. You may remember that VIA 6411 used to be the Operation Lifesaver unit.
VIA 6453 in Winnipeg

Not a bad morning of railfanning!

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