Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Polarizer Comparison

I shot the Canadian today at noon. It had two unrefurbished units, now a rarity, with a dead-heading diner (Emerald).
VIA 6428 in Winnipeg

I had the circular polarizer on my camera while I was shooting. Just for kicks, I decided to take it off and shoot the last few cars without it for comparison.

Here's the last car I shot with the polarizer ON, Bliss Manor.
Bliss Manor in Winnipeg

Here is Elgin Manor without the polarizer.
Elgin Manor in Winnipeg

Neither picture was processed in any way except to crop to size, and both were sharpened to the same degree.

You can see how the sky is darker with the polarizer, and some cloud detail is visible that is washed out without the polarizer.

What do you think? Is the difference significant enough?

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roldac said...

It makes a big difference in the sky, other than that it isn't obvious in the rest of the photo...does it make a difference in photos with alot of vegetation...does it saturate the greens? Also, is there a varying degree of the amount of polarizing when you turn the ring on the filter or is it either on or off? I've ordered a cpl filter but have not received it yet. Thanks.