Saturday, November 18, 2006

Halifax area, October 26, 2002

On Saturday, October 26, 2002 I spent a very enjoyable morning railfanning around Halifax, Nova Scotia with my good friend David Othen.

We met at Rockingham Yard and the first train we saw was CN 120, arriving at Rockingham Yard in Halifax at 07:25. We taped it coming around the curve by the Chinese restaurant before moving to the Halifax Intermodal Terminal for its arrival at 07:41. The train featured SD75I CN 5735, SD40-2 CN 5318 and Dash-8 CN 2424 leading the usual intermodal consist. I put a video of this train on the net.

Following that, we raced to Dartmouth to catch gypsum train 701 leaving Wrights Cove with an empty train to take to Milford. 701 had Dash-9 CN 2504 and SD75I CN 5646. We got 701 at a couple of locations on the way to the mines. Here it is at the mines with the National Gypsum switcher.

While it was loading, we took a minute to catch CN 148 passing near Milford with SD75s CN 5642 and 5671 leading two CN test cars and an intermodal train.

701 was done at the mines, so we caught him at Windsor Junction on his way back to Dartmouth. We then went to Rockingham to look at the switchers (GP38-2s 4775 and 4724). Finally, we caught VIA 15 near Rockingham with 6411 and 6427 at 13:06.

Not a bad day of railfanning at all!

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