Tuesday, September 29, 2009


VIA 6456 trailing on the Hudson Bay
I shared a little of the frustration of drivers everywhere, when a train blocks their passage. In my case it just blocked my view, but it was still a bit frustrating.

I went up to Wilkes Avenue at lunch to see the Hudson Bay. On my way there, I could hear the RTC giving a message to VIA 693 (the Hudson Bay) and CN 304. The Waverley Street crossing was not working, so they were instructed to stop and manually protect the crossing.

After the new BNSF engine rolled by, it was time for CN 304.

CN 304 rolled up on the south track with Dash-9 CN 2517 leading and ex-BC Rail 4644 trailing. Here they are on the CN-CP diamond at St. James Junction.
CN 2517 in Winnipeg
They slowly trundled past and came to a halt just before the Waverley crossing. Once the conductor got out, it started rolling again and I assume the conductor boarded again.

A few minutes later, as 304 was slowly going by, I was surprised to see a train coming west on the north track. Alas, it was the Hudson Bay! I caught a glimpse of the trailing engine (6456) and I believe the lead engine was 6413 from scanner conversations. No chance of photos!

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