Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Truck-Train Collision in Winnipeg Tuesday

A truck ran into a CEMR train on the Perimeter Highway just northeast of Winnipeg Tuesday around 4 PM. The Winnipeg Sun reported that a semi (transport truck to you Easterners) went around four stopped cars and plowed into the train as it was crossing the highway. The crossing lights were working but there are no barriers at that crossing. I doubt barriers would have made much difference in this situation.

CEMR 4000 was on the train, and from the Winnipeg Sun photos, it looks like the train struck the train between 4000 and the first freight car. It looks like there was some damage to 4000.

The driver was extricated from the cab and taken to hospital, and was reported to be in stable condition. The train crew was not injured.

The CEMR train was heading south on the Pine Falls subdivision. I had heard CEMR 4000 on the scanner on Monday around noon as they headed south on the Carman subdivision.

The Winnipeg Free Press and the CBC both had brief stories about the accident.

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