Friday, September 25, 2009

New Brunswick Railway Heritage Association Site Launched

New Brunswick Railway Heritage Society | French version

I am pleased to finally write about a project I have been involved in for several years. A few years ago, people from several railway-oriented attractions in New Brunswick got together to discuss how to better market the sites. The idea that arose from those meetings was to feature several "trails" linking sites together in a trail that could be visited in one or two days. A lot of work went into the preparation of these trails, and a web site was developed and has now been launched.

The site centers on an interactive map of the province, showing the trails and the many railway attractions in New Brunswick. The visitor is invited to click on the trails and attractions to learn more about them, and then move on to the individual attraction's web site, if available.

I have not been involved in the project since I moved out west, but before that I helped out setting up the basic web site and participating in the many meetings. It was a real team effort from the many railway attractions in New Brunswick. I am pleased at how well everyone worked together. I think it is important to acknowledge the great help provided by the Heritage Branch of the New Brunswick Wellness, Culture & Sports Department and the New Brunswick Tourism and Parks Department. The site bills it as a project of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association, and it is, but it involves many more players.

A couple of my photos are on the site, including the Salmon River trestle photo at the bottom of each page featuring CN train 149 on August 12, 2007

There is a Daily Gleaner article about it, featuring my good friend Art Clowes, one of the premiere railway historians in the province.

I invite you to visit the site and have a look!


Anonymous said...

It's a great site. Excellent graphics and easy to navigate.

Anonymous said...

Read about the launch of your website. I wrote part of my MA thesis about the Albert southern Railway. I also have a paper on Railway Politics in Albert County. I also have a prospectus map for English Investors sowing how the Albert Southern would connect Alma to Saint John along the coast. Was wondering if you would like a copy.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Bradley, interesting papers!

Yes, I would love a copy of the map.