Thursday, September 10, 2009

BNSF Transfer

I was at Sobeys on Grant Avenue yesterday at lunch and I noticed BNSF 2743 at the Fort Rouge Yard. I shot a quick video behind Sobeys as 2743, one freight car, and the caboose rolled west to their yard.

The area there is wide open but the sun is on the wrong side of the tracks. Too bad.

I think I am starting to understand their schedule. They head over to Fort Rouge around 11:30 to noon to interchange with CN. They usually wait for VIA to go by (either the Canadian or the Hudson Bay roll by just after noon) then return to their yard afterward.

On my way back I shot this photo of BNSF 2743 putting their one freight car away, just to get the engineer's side of the locomotive.
BNSF 2743 in Winnipeg

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