Sunday, September 20, 2009

Run Eight

I had some time to kill this afternoon, so I ended up cruising around looking for trains. I happened to spot BCOL 4648 sitting cold by herself in Fort Rouge yard, so I stopped and took this shot.
BCOL 4648 in Fort Rouge yard
Not much was going on, except that CN 401 and 102 were both getting ready to leave Symington Yard around 4 PM. I heard that 401 had a single engine, and was to pick up BCOL 4648 on their way west. I elected to leave the Symington area and wait for CN 401 at CN Subway off Osborne Street. While CN and CEMR crews were doing work in the yard, I waited for the train. Eventually 401 groaned into view at 16:24, with CN 5276 (an SD40-2W) pulling over 130 cars. She was really throbbing as she rolled by. Nice wave from the conductor! They came to a stop in the yard to hitch up to the Dash-9. When I left the area just after 17:00, the ex-BC Rail unit had not moved yet.

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