Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gary in McAdam

Gary Lee has been filming in McAdam as usual.

This is an interesting one. NBSR 2319 and 9801 are pushing a single NBSR green boxcar, 401624. Notice the window in the top corner. I wonder what this boxcar is for?

Here's NBSR 2318 with calf / slug 008 in the McAdam yard.

This is an interesting one, with the train silhouetted against the sunset. NBSR 9801, 2318, slug 008, and 2319 were the power on September 22, 2009.

Good videos, Gary!

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Eric said...

401624 looks like a former CP 8-foot door Service car. Vents are likely for ventilation while carrying various maintenance bits and pieces. Saw the PM riding NBSR 2318 on the news.