Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's Late Canadian

VIA 1, the Canadian, was a bit late leaving Winnipeg today. They apparently had to make a stop at the VIA Maintenance Center to fix one car. I heard them switching on the scanner, and I was very curious what was going on. Another railfan stopped by and mentioned the reason for the delay.

In due time VIA 6410 and 6451 brought the 19 cars past.
VIA 6410 in Winnipeg
The light was really nice today.

Here's YOHO PARK rolling over the diamond at St. James Junction.
VIA Yoho Park

The complete consist:
VIA 6410
VIA 6451
VIA 8609
VIA 8100
VIA 8109
VIA 8506 Skyline
VIA 8408 Empress
VIA 8511 Skyline
VIA 8338 Rogers Manor
VIA 8328 Grant Manor
VIA 8342 Wolfe Manor
VIA 8223 Chateau Rigaud
VIA 8325 Elgin Manor
VIA 8208 Chateau Dollier
VIA 8202 Chateau Bienville
VIA 8505 Skyline
VIA 8409 Fairholme
VIA 8326 Franklin Manor
VIA 8329 Hearne Manor
VIA 8339 Sherwood Manor
VIA 8718 Yoho Park

This is the seventh Canadian I have seen in Winnipeg since I moved here. Not bad! (Complete list)

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