Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Canadian Today, and more

Today's Canadian was very prompt, rolling into view at St. James Junction at 12:14. She had three-eyed VIA 6434 leading and 6408 trailing, both Spiderman-2 units.
VIA Canadian in Winnipeg
They had 19 cars: baggage 8616; coaches 8118, 8104, and 8103; Skyline 8509; diner Louise; Skyline 8512, sleeper cars Drummond Manor, Dawson Manor, Cabot Manor, Blair Manor, Chateau Lasalle, and Chateau Salaberry; Skyline 8503; diner Emerald; sleepers Osler Manor, Laird Manor and Christie Manor; and Tremblant Park bringing up the markers.
VIA Canadian with Tremblant Park

Just after they passed, CN 303 was heard passing through Fort Rouge. There was some discussion about meeting CN 114 east of Diamond, as 303 apparently had a dimensional load and the rules say that either one of the two has to be stopped, or they both have to proceed at 10 MPH. I believe 114 ended up stopping.

CN 303 had Dash-9 2624 leading and IC 1009 trailing.
CN 2624 in Winnipeg
I think this was the dimensional load they were talking about, about six or so cars back from the engines.
Dimensional load
It says "CB Energy Recovery" on it. It's a HSRG, a Heat Recovery Steam Generator. These are used to make steam from gas turbines or other waste heat sources.


robteed said...

I like your Blog. Pretty cool Pics.
Whats with the "Spiderman 2" units?
I got pics of one in Toronto. I might
have video posted on youtube. I can't
remember. I have over 70 videos posted
there. Check them out if you like.

Canadian Train Geek said...

VIA sold ad space on their units for the Spiderman 2 movie. They have never removed the ads. There are other ad-decorated units around, like the CBC unit 6403, the Telus unit 6427?, and the Loto-Quebec unit.

I'll check your channel out.