Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Slides for Sale

This shot was taken on this day, 11 years ago in 1998, by a David T. Stowe in Bathurst, NB.
NBEC 1866 in Bathurst. Slide by David T. Stowe

I recently purchased a few slides from Tim Howerter. He has a large collection of original slides for sale. There are a variety of railways represented, including CN, CP, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and a large switcher collection. His prices are quite reasonable and so is the shipping.

I purchased about a dozen slides featuring MLW power on CP and CN.

Here is his sales listing from Railbid. His email address is dozermand6 a t rcn.com. (Replace a t with the @ sign)

Here is my updated list of original train slides for sale. The link below will take you directly to all of the folders with all slides for sale.

Directions on how to view:
- Either click on the link to go directly to my library of folders (if your computer allows this)
- Or copy and paste link into your URL address bar at the top of your home page.

To open folders: click on the folder. It will open with all the slides in that particular folder. Double click on the slide(so) you want to view and they will pop up in a much larger size for viewing. Continue onto each folder like this and take a look at everything I have. There is a very nice selection of locomotive rosters and action shots.

Link For Slides:

There were many slides added to the switchers folders and others. Please take some time and view what I have for sale. All slides are originals, no duplicates. All slides were scanned at a low resolution, hence the fair quality of the scans. All slides have info, dates and location on slide mounts. The words you see on the scans do not appear on the slide itself. Email me back the folder name and the slides(file) numbers back to me of the ones you want to purchase.

All action slides of trains are $1.50 each. All locomotive roster shots are $2.00 each

Slides are shipped First class mail and cost is $1.25 for the first 5 slides, $.50 for each additional 5 slides purchased.

I will accept cash, check or money order, or you may use paypal, but will have to pay the fee I am charged for accepting paypal payments which is 3%, + $.30 of total amount due(shipping costs included). I am sorry I have to charge this but if I do not this adds up to a large loss for me.

Hope to hear from you!

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