Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Freight

I shot the BNSF transfer freight on Friday as it crossed Waverley Street on its way to CN's Fort Rouge yard. You may recall I saw the westbound version on September 9. I wanted to catch this version because I wanted to see the caboose leading the way.

I heard BNSF calling the CN RTC to get permission to enter the Rivers subdivision. While this was happening, a CP high-railer truck came north on the La Riviere subdivision and dismounted at Wilkes Avenue.

Once BNSF received permission to enter the mainline, I went to Waverley and waited by the side of the road for the transfer to come. Before too long the lights of the caboose became visible, the gates came down, and BN 12580 led four cars and BNSF 2743 past my lenses.
BN 12580 Leading the Way

BNSF 2743

I didn't hang around for the return trip but I understand they had 2 cars to bring back.

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