Friday, September 18, 2009

Fredericton Train Station Refurbishment Details

The Fredericton train station will be refurbished, and leased out for 20 years to NB Liquor.

"The train station area will house a wine boutique and product sampling counter, with a food preparation area and room for specialty product displays," said Dana Clendenning, president and CEO of Alcool NB Liquor. The products, checkouts, cold room, warehouse and offices will be located in the new structure, and each will be open to the other."

Fredericton Train Station Artists Rendering
The long freight shed on the rear of the station will be removed and a new, blocky building will be built to hold the main retail store. A parking lot will be built to the north of the station (where the old bottling depot was).

The artists rendering appears to be from the perspective of someone standing on York Street just north ("left") of the station.

The station will be connected to the existing trail system (finally). Work will commence shortly to prepare the station for the winter, and I imagine the first thing to go will be the roof. I'm told engineers were in the building today.

This is great news for the station, for Fredericton and for heritage people everywhere. Maybe the Heritage Canada Foundation can finally take the station off their 10 Most Endangered Places list!

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