Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Kid in Town

BNSF 2886, Winnipeg
BNSF 2886 is the new engine for BNSF Manitoba. BNSF 2743 has apparently gone south for its inspection. I spotted BNSF 2886 pulling the transfer back to their yard at lunch today.

It is definitely lettered differently than 2743 was. For comparison, here was BNSF 2743 on September 9.

Also, it is currently running backward from 2743's normal orientation.

I wonder if it will be a long-time resident, or just a stand-in for 2743?

EDIT: Added video.

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Eric said...

Thanks for sharing this BNSF freight consist Steve, counted 40 cars. The longevity of BNML2/BNSF 1685 will likely not be repeated in Wpg.