Saturday, September 05, 2009

CP Units at the Scrapper Update

CP 5753, 5398, SOO 4203 in Winnipeg
I had a good look Friday at the CP units being scrapped in Winnipeg off Chevrier Boulevard. These are the units:

5688 and 1593 were actively being scrapped. By Saturday they were pretty much gone.

In order of "next to be scrapped" on:

CP 5716
CP 5829
CP 5753
CP 5398
SOO 4203
SOO 4201
CP 1551
CP 1504
CP 1558
SOO 4202
SOO 4204
CP 1556

In the September 2009 Branchline, I read this note: "RETIRED UNITS SOLD: To Rail & Motor International (components to be salvaged and remains scrapped): CP Hump Comptroller 1151; GP9u 1561, 1593; SD40-2 5398; SD40M-2 5496; SD40-2 5679, 5688, 5701, 5716, 5753, 5829" I haven't seen some of those units yet but some are here now.

I was looking through my notes and I see I shot CP 5398 in Winnipeg back on October 11, 2005. In fact, I even blogged about it although I didn't put a photo of 5398 here. This is the best one I have, of 5398 and 5773 working the yard.
CP 5398 in Winnipeg

I see in that October 2005 blog post that I shot a northbound CP freight at the diamond at St. James Junction. The power for that CP freight? CP 3028 and 1128, exactly the same power I saw yesterday. Interesting.

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