Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today's Hudson Bay, and One From Yesteryear

The northbound Hudson Bay was on time on a rainy day in Winnipeg today.
engines VIA 6458, 6413
baggage VIA 8601
coaches VIA 8113, VIA 8132
diner VIA 8418 York
sleeper VIA 8216 Chateau Levis

I stumbled across an extract from "Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take": Railway Journeys by William D. Middleton that contains a description of the author's journey aboard the Hudson Bay in August 1998. You can read it here. The entire Hudson Bay article is present and can be read online. In 1998 the train had two FP9s for power, instead of the usual one or two F40PH-2s nowadays. The train itself was pretty much the same as it is today, with one baggage car, two coaches, diner ANNAPOLIS, and sleepers CHATEAU VIGER and HUNTER MANOR.

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