Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CN Derailment in Moncton

Two CN locomotives derailed on the Point du Chene spur near Moncton late Sunday afternoon. CN 4762 and another unit (4143) hit a washout and the units rolled over. Fortunately the crew were not hurt. From the photo it does not look like they had any cars with them.

There was heavy rain in the Moncton area over the weekend, some 92 mm in places, and apparently the track was undermined on the spur. The Point du Chene spur serves the Scoudouc Industrial Park and used to go all the way to the wharf at Point du Chene.

Times & Transcript article

CN 4762 and 4725 in Moncton, 2009/04/11
CN 4762 and 4725 in Gordon Yard in Moncton, April 11, 2009

EDIT: Added second unit number.

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Caleb said...

Weird! I didn't hear a thing about this until now!