Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Late Canadian Today

VIA 6427 in Winnipeg
VIA's Canadian was a bit late today. BNSF Manitoba had enough time to zip over to Fort Rouge with 20 cars, pick up 10 cars, and return before VIA arrived on the scene at St. James Junction.

Kokanee Park on the VIA Canadian train

The complete consist:
Engines VIA 6427, 6404
Baggage VIA 8606
Coaches VIA 8106, 8119
Skyline VIA 8515
Diner VIA 8410 Frontenac
Skyline VIA 8502
Sleepers VIA 8340 Stuart Manor, VIA 8330 Hunter Manor, VIA 8314 Cameron Manor, VIA 8318 Craig Manor, VIA 8229 Chateau Viger, VIA 8212 Chateau Latour, VIA 8224 Chateau Roberval, VIA 8207 Chateau Dollard, VIA 8215 Chateau Lemoyne
Skyline VIA 8504
Diner VIA 8402 Alexandra
Sleepers VIA 8324 Dunsmuir Manor, VIA 8310 Brock Manor, VIA 8309 Brant Manor, VIA 8707 Kokanee Park

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