Monday, September 07, 2009

Busy Day in Winnipeg, Part 2

Shortly after my last post, I spotted a westbound in the distance on the north track. Soon enough, CP 115 came rolling by at 17:00 with CP 8504 and 9810 on the head end, and CP 9783 midway through the train.

I kept an eye on the crossing arm after the train went by, and sure enough it was bouncing. The arm had gone up as normal, but it kept oscillating about 30 degrees from vertical back to vertical for about a minute. I called the CP number on the crossing to report it and they took the details down and said a maintainer would be dispatched.

With no more trains due to arrive for a while, we headed out. I drove around North Transcona for a bit and went up Risque Avenue (love that name) to the CEMR shops. I took a few shots through the fence. I saw CEMR GP9s 4010, 4013, 4001, 4002, ex-CP 5396 and snowplow CEMR 2.
CEMR 4013 in Winnipeg

Ex CP 5396 in Winnipeg

We headed down south after that. Rolling past Symington Yard again revealed humpyard set CN 7511, CN 501, CN 504 and CN 7528 hard at work. I spotted a northbound train coming off the Sprague Subdivision but I was in no position to take a good photograph. The train had CN 2537, CN 5667, and CN 5661 for power.

That was a much better way to spend the afternoon than sitting at home!


Adam p. said...

The 4013 was here in Nova Scotia for a while. Was working on the Windsor and Hantsport railway.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Adam, I knew one or more CEMR units worked on the W and H but I forgot which one(s). Thanks for noting that!