Thursday, September 03, 2009

CP on Sunday

CP 1128 and 6042 at the Winnipeg Diesel Repair Facility
First CN on Saturday, now CP on Sunday.

On my way back from the Prairie Dog Central, I stopped at Canadian Pacific Railway's Rigby Yard in downtown Winnipeg in the late afternoon. I went to the soccer field by the Diesel Repair Shops to see what was parked outside. Alas, a long container train (CP 110) was pulling slowly eastward and obstructed the view. CP 8741 was the lone unit up front, with CP 8624 in the middle and CP 8519 pushing on the rear. Here's 8624 going by:

As the end of the train neared, a little local with CP 5756 rolled by with 2 cars. Then 8519 came into view, then they all left and revealed CP 1693 patiently waiting in the rear. It turned out to be a neat little video.

I took a bunch of shots to take inventory of what was at the shops. These are what I saw:
CN 2513 (!)
CP 1128
CP 1576
CP 1617
CP 1636
CP 1695
CP 3028
CP 3081
CP 3122
CP 4657
CP 5733
CP 5868
CP 5909
CP 6042
CP 8275
CP 9728
SOO 6021

I didn't have time to go to the Arlington Bridge to see more of the yard. Next time!

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