Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Volunteering at the Prairie Dog, Part 2

As I mentioned, I volunteered at the Prairie Dog Central Railway on Sunday.

I spent my time from Grosse Isle to Warren counting the money raised from the train robbery. We arrived at Warren, and steam engine #3 was cut off and run around the train.

I disembarked, and after using the port-a-potty I bought an ice cream and resumed my coin counting. There were a lot of coins! In the end I counted $273 raised. We left Warren and headed back toward Inkster Junction.

The return trip was pretty quick and we arrived at Inkster Junction just before 15:00. The passengers disembarked, and some went up into the steam engine. I wandered around taking a few photos.

The steam engine was eventually cut off, and diesel 4138 was fired up to put the coaches away for the night. A few of them were put on one shop track and the rest were put on the other. The caboose stays outside, apparently.

The steam engine was backed up to take on water.
Prairie Dog Central #3 taking on water

Afterward, both the steam and diesel engines were run around to the south side of the shops.

I look forward to volunteering again. I would like to start as a porter, to be onboard the train and assist the passengers. Eventually I would like to join the head end crew as a brakeman, but that will take some time, and of course I will have to pass my rules course. So far so good!

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