Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Green All The Time

I was in Saint John yesterday (Tuesday) and saw quite a bit of green. Engines, that is.

As I approached Saint John, I heard the yard master talking with the crew of the transfer train. They were given clearance to head to Island Yard. I went through Simm's Corner and saw them behind Moosehead. I stopped for a moment at Reversing Falls, and caught NBSR 2610 and 3702 taking their train across the Falls just after 9 AM.

They were not going very fast, so I decided to get them again at Fort La Tour. Alas, there is construction there, so I went near Harbour Station instead. 2610 and 3702 were really working hard when they went by me.

I continued on, and discovered them stopped just outside Island Yard. I set up for a shot and off they went into the yard.

The power for CN 405 was CN 2613, 5709, and 2650 and they were sitting in the yard when I went by. NBSR 9803 and CN 7060 were working the yard.

Later, CN 405 was still in the yard but active at 3 PM. I saw NBSR 9803 and CN 7060 on the refinery spur by Tim Hortons. CN 7060 was parked there, and NBSR 9803 continued on down the spur. CN 7038 was shunting and smoking in the Island Yard.

I heard that the NB Southern eastbound freight had left McAdam around 14:20, so I decided to go see the Grand Bay caboose and then catch the freight along the way. I stopped at the caboose, got out of the car, and heard a train horn blow for Inglewood Drive. I quickly set up the tripod and took some shots as the train rounded the corner at 15:30.

I guess I misheard when the train left McAdam! The train had NBSR 9801, 2318, and 2317 and 39 cars, including a empty container 5-pack.

EDIT: Added car count

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